Release 2.84.4 is out

This is the first release that should work fine on Windows 10, previous release used Qt 4.8.6 which does not work on that version.

There are a few bug fixes, a new complete Chinese translation, and a new feature (i.e. introducing cache-size-mb to the settings file, with a higher value than the current Transmission default which should help those users with high Internet bandwidth.)

Version 2.84.3

Local release.

Thanks to the hard work of liaodahao the app works in Chinese as good as in English.

A small cosmetic change, the folders icon used is now from the Tango icon set.

Version 2.82.3 released

Another unofficial release.

Fixed minor bugs, added some features, no major change. The installer is built with a new version of InstallBuilder, this should help with problems installing on Windows 8.1.