Fedora, the moving target

The Transmission Wiki page on building Transmission-Qt is still valid, even if I wrote it over a year ago, I’ve been updating it at least for each release.

What has changed?   Well, everything really, version changes are normal… but Fedora is a case by itself.

Fedora has gone from version 11 (in beta when I started building Transmission-Qt) to version 14.  Just last week the “end of life” announcement for version 12 came out.

That usually is not a problem, but once, trying to update from one version to the next, just bricked the VM I was using… not what you like to run into.

Building the application

Get the latest Fedora, or use an old one if you already have it.

Since Fedora 12 the MinGW packages are in the main repository.  That means you should skip the part in the Wiki where I described how to set mingw.repo, and go right ahead to the “yum install” sequence.

Additionally try to get the libevent and dbus packages.  I don’t know if they are in the Fedora repository (dbus seems to be recent, or in the process of being added) because I compiled them myself long ago.

The rest of the procedure is valid but you have to understand what you are doing and adapt to the change of versions.  It is not a recipe you follow blindly.


In the MinGW cross environment list it has been said that in about 3 months, and also as a target for Fedora 15, they will switch to the mingw-w64 compiler.  Then the same environment will be able to produce 32- and 64-bit executables.